I want more, always more!


Original canvases and the lithos are delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by De Groot and Records Gramophonique. Albums and posters will be personally signed by the artist. Worldwide shipping included.
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I want more, always more!

Only then will it be perfect, only then will I feel truly safe and comfortable. Money is energy and offers endless possibilities, so it’s quite nice to have. But when is it enough? Me, me, that’s mine! Status, power, attention, consumption: it’s all an illusion, a mirage. We always want more, because we think it actually helps.

Sure, it helps us become lonelier, less trusting, more disappointed. Greed can come from wanting to avoid our fears and loneliness. To close our wounds with riches, to numb our sadness with consumption. It’s a drug. The ego has never enough and is a master of coming up with thousands of supposedly legitimate reasons to want more, that’s so human. It programs, indoctrinates and manipulates us to maintain the dream, the collective illusion of what happiness is. Again, it’s human nature. And it can really feel fantastic!

However, it quickly becomes tense and sad when your mind starts identifying completely with money and desire turns into greed.

Let’s take a deep breath… Why me? It takes courage and power to face your greed and to investigate what you’re trying to numb with it. Take your time, step by step, don’t judge yourself and if you do, don’t judge that judgment. Just observe. Look at it and feel nothing but compassion for yourself.

Clear observation suddenly reveals your patterns, and that’s what true wealth looks like. Complete acceptance of yourself, your behaviour and the patterns that includes, that’s the best gift you can give yourself. It goes exactly as it should go. You are human, a special being filled with love and a backpack stuffed with experiences and baggage. We all are!

It’s amazing to see, it really is!